Deinstalacja DirectX

Witam. Chciałbym odinstalować DirectX'a tylko nie mam pojęcia jak. Proszę o pomoc.

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Jeśli znasz angielski, może ten artykuł Ci pomoże: [code]Uninstall DirectX 9 Officially, the only way to get rid of DirectX is to either use System Restore to roll back to the time when you still did not have this version of DirectX on your system, or to reinstall your system. Many third party uninstallers are also available but most of them are buggy and cannot be recommended without proper testing. Using one of these may cause you to end up with more problems. So, the best way to get rid of DirectX is to remove it manually. To do this, open the Registry Editor by running Regedit from Start > Run. Next, navigate to the following registry key. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DirectX Here, delete the DirectX folder, exit the Registry Editor, and restart your XP computer. During the system startup, after the restart, your system will reinstall DirectX 8.1 that is originally shipped with the Windows XP operating system. To confirm this, run the dxdiag command from Start > Run. The command will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool utility. This utility provides you with a lot of information about DirectX installed on your computer along with the version currently installed on your system. DirectX is one of the most sought after technologies by Gaming software developers. However, since their arrival in 1996, DirectX has undergone several changes. Although, these changes enhanced the gaming technology, they also gave rise to various problems. For instance, you may not be able to run a game using a higher version of DirectX and you may not be able to upgrade due to problems with your current version. One of the main problems with DirecteX 9 is that it does not provide an uninstall option. Therefore, you can either reinstall it after performing a clean boot of your system or uninstall DirecteX 9by editing the registry. To prevent these problems from occurring in the first place, we recommend that you perform regular PC maintenance with the help of anti-virus, registry cleaner, and hard disk maintenance utilities. These utilities enable you to keep your system free of unwanted files and considerably improve your computing experience.[/code] Jeśli nie, polecam pobranie [url=,650.html]TEGO[/url] programu, który zrobi za Ciebie wszystko :)
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